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Create a Template from a New Request

You can create a request template by creating a new request ticket and saving it as a template.

Note: See Create a Request for more information about creating new request tickets.

To create a request template from a new request

  1. Select File, New Request on the Service Desk tab.

    The Create New Request page appears.

  2. Complete the fields as appropriate for your template.

    See Request Fields for field definitions.

  3. Select the Template tab and complete the following fields:
    Template Name

    This name appears in the list of available templates.

    Template Class

    (Optional) You can assign a class to the template.

    Quick Template Type

    You can use quick templates to define new requests on the Quick Profile Scratchpad. Select one of the following options:

    • None
    • Quick
    • Review Before Save
    Template Active

    Specifies whether the template is active or inactive in the database.


    Describe the template settings and intended usage. This field can be used as a filter when searching for a template. Wildcard searches are supported.

  4. Click Save.